• Stackable pots for vertical gardening on decks, patios, and farming in small areas.

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Grow Plants Vertically Just About Anywhere!


The Stackable Grow Pot for Home Gardens and Commercial Farms

Made of strong polypropylene plastic, they assemble easily, creating a compact tower of plants. Each Grow Pot has a concave molded bottom to straddle irrigation lines on the ground, table tops in greenhouses, or on rooftops for green roofs.

Grow Organic!

Enjoy growing organic vegetables, herbs, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes and more on your patio, deck, balcony, or other places where space is limited. No weeds or gophers to contend with. Avoid ground dwelling bugs that love eating your plants without the use of harmful pesticides.

Easy to Assemble!

After filling each Grow Pot with a good potting soil or hydroponic medium, just set each Grow Pot into the slots provided on top of the succeeding unit to achieve the desired height and set the Grow Pot tower securely into place. Irrigation water lines can come up through the center cone or through slots on the outside lip of each pot to irrigate crops. The cone is also designed to accept a 4 inch PVC pipe to add more space between the pots for taller plants.


Grow Pots Make Great Gifts!

  • People Living in Apartments and High-rises
  • Vegans and Organic Food Lovers
  • Special Occasions and Birthdays
  • Student and Class Projects
  • Kid’s Garden
  • Elderly and People with Low-Mobility
  • Handicapped

Farm & Commercial Growers

Vertical farming provides a cost effective alternative for commercial farms. Save time, energy and space, by increasing your harvest through the utilization of vertical space instead of horizontal space. The end result can convert one acre into several acres. Plant conventionally, or by hydroponics using soil-less mediums. Each Grow Pot measures 21.75 X 21.75 X 8.5 inches, weighing 3.69 lbs. and are designed to hold approximately 3/4 cubic ft. of growing medium in 4 large planting ports.

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White Grow pots

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Terracotta Grow pots

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Irrigation Accessory Kit


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